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Penile implant patient champion: John, 60

“When you are at the end of the rope, there is still hope.”

Patient John.
  • Patient champion

  • 14 years with the AMS 700™ Implant

  • Diabetes

  • Married, straight 

  • Georgia, USA

  • English

Hobbies include:

  • Watching baseball

  • Reading

  • Travel

John’s story

Experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) was devastating. Trying and failing at various treatments for erectile dysfunction left John in a depressed state and at the brink of divorce.

In John’s own words

My wife sat me down and asked me three questions: 1) Did I still desire her? 2) Am I having an affair? 3) Was I gay? I love my wife. I was just experiencing ED!

I tried everything. First, I got Viagra™. My insurance would only cover a few tablets per month which wasn’t enough for us. Next, I tried Levitra™. And then Cialis™. Each drug would work for a little while and then it would stop working. I would get an erection but it wouldn’t last or it wouldn’t be firm enough. I would slice the pills to tweak the dose.

After a few years, we tried the vacuum erection device, but it wasn’t for us. Then I tried injections. I went to a “men’s clinic.” I even ordered herbs like “horny goat weed” from an ad in the back of a magazine. I was just trying to feel like a man again.

I was aware of the penile implant because of the reading I had done. The breakthrough came when a relocation had me seeing a new doctor. He referred me to an implanting specialist and one month later there I was, waking up after the surgery with a partial erection! It was the first time I had ever had surgery and honestly, I was nervous. But recovery was pretty easy for me. Having the implant has been REALLY great. I got my life back.

Alternate ED treatments explored

Pills, vacuum erection device, injections, suppositories, and herbal supplements

Implant recovery process

No complications

John’s recent answers

John has received hundreds of questions from real people like you. Review John’s answers to the most popular questions.

My erection feels the same — just like before I received my implant. In my experience, you really don’t feel anything different.