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Restore confidence with the AMS 700™ Penile Implant 

It's the number one physician-preferred implant designed to look and feel natural. The AMS 700 Penile Implant is designed to closely mimic a natural erection, providing rigidity when inflated and a natural, flaccid appearance when deflated.1

How it works

The AMS 700 Penile Implant includes a pair of cylinders implanted in the penis, a pump placed inside the scrotum, and a saline-filled reservoir placed in the lower abdomen. Squeezing and releasing the pump moves fluid into the cylinders, creating an erection. Deflate the device by pressing the deflation button on the pump. The penis then returns to a soft, flaccid and natural-looking state.

Features of the AMS 700 cylinder models2-4, 12

FeatureLGX™CX CXR™ 
Controlled expansion designed to provide maximum rigidity and optimal girth expansion.XXX
Engineered to have a firm, rigid erection that can last as long as desired.XXX
Designed to have a natural, flaccid appearance when deflated.XXX
Could provide girth expansion for patients who may require shorter and narrower cylinders.  X
The only penile implant on the U.S. market with cylinders designed to expand in girth up to 20 mm and length of up to 25%.X*  

*Cylinders designed to answer a common concern for men with ED have — loss of penile length.

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Features and intended benefits of the AMS 700 Penile Implant


  • Once activated, maintain an erection for as long as desired1
  • Broad range of lengths designed to provide custom sizing for patients

Discreet pump

Momentary Squeeze (MS) pump

  • One-touch button designed for deflation and ease of use13
  • Lock-out valve designed to reduce auto-inflation1-2, 7-8, 13


  • Next-generation pump designed to maximize reliability1
  • High-profile pump grips and deflation button1

Reliability and durability

  • Parylene coated designed to improve long-term durability of the device1-2, 6-8, 14
  • Designed to be a long-term treatment option for ED1

Infection reduction

  • The only implant on the market offered with antibiotics impregnated into the product, designed to reduce the risk of infection2,7-11
  • Available without antibiotics for those with tetracycline allergies

About the penile implant procedure

The implant procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis. A small incision is made in the scrotum or above the pubic bone and a surgeon inserts all components through this opening. The surgery is performed under anesthesia. You may experience pain and soreness at the surgical site. It generally takes a few days to return to light activity. Physicians typically say to wait 4–6 weeks before intercourse.


As with any medical procedure, complications can occur. Side effects include, but are not limited to: natural or spontaneous erections as well as other interventional treatment options will no longer be possible; infection, in which case the implant may have to be removed; pain (typically associated with the healing process); mechanical failure of the implant.

Animated patient demo

Live demo from a real patient

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Alternative Boston Scientific penile implant

Please talk to your doctor to determine which implant may be right for you.


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View Important Safety Information

Your doctor is your best source for information on the risks and benefits of the AMS 700TM Inflatable Penile Prosthesis. Talk to your doctor for a complete listing of risks, warnings and important safety information.

The AMS 700™ Inflatable Penile Prosthesis is intended for use in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction (impotence). Implanting a penile prosthesis will damage or destroy any remaining ability to have a natural erection, as well as make other treatment options (oral medications, vacuum devices or injections) impossible.

Men with diabetes, spinal cord injuries or skin infections may have an increased risk of infection. Implantation may result in penile curvature or scarring. Some AMS 700 devices contain an antibiotic (InhibiZone™ Antibiotic Surface Treatment). The device is not suitable for patients who are allergic to the antibiotics contained within the device (rifampin, minocycline HCl or other tetracyclines) or those who have systemic lupus, these patients should use one of the devices that do not contain InhibiZone antibiotic surface treatment.

Potential risks may include: device malfunction/failure leading to additional surgery, device migration potentially leading to exposure through the tissue, wearing away/loss of tissue (device/tissue erosion) infection, unintended-inflation of the device and pain/soreness. MH-545411-AD 

This material is for informational Purposes only and not meant for medical diagnosis. This information does not constitute medical or legal advice, and Boston Scientific makes no representation regarding the medical benefits included in this information. Boston Scientific strongly recommends that you consult with your physician on all matters pertaining to your health.

Caution: U.S. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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